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A poor lonely girl, but generous

Once upon a time in a very little city, there was a girl called Emily but all the people called her Emma. She strolled all the city to ask for food but the people didn’t like to give her money, food, clothes and water. She lived lonely in a tent with her dog Toto.
One day in a very big TV she saw a woman that said: “WOMAN, MAN AND CHILDREN, BUY CHOCOLATE BECAUSE THERE IS A GOLDEN TICKET, YOU CAN HAVE A LOT OF MONEY AND YOU CAN VISIT THE CHOCOLATEFACTORY”. Emma was very happy and she wanted those tickets.
Her clothes were a short and a red t-shirt. She was as hungry as a poor dog of the street.
One day, Emma found the ticket and she jumped because she was very happy. She went to the tack shop to give the ticket to the person of the box, the man looked at her with that very peculiar face.
Emma gave the ticket to the person and he exclaimed: “Oh Ella!!!!, what are you doing here”. “My name is not Ella, is Emma and I am here because I found this ticket on the floor ”, she said looking with a strange face. “Come here with me to the chocolate factory” he said. “With you???? Well, I will go”. He left Emma in the factory and he went back to the shop.
There on the factory there were a rich, a gymnastic, a nerd and a very fat child. The rich girl and Emma passed all the games. In the end they had to count numbers, the child that won would have: U$s 100.000.000!. Emma didn’t know the numbers. She lost but she had: U$s 100.000. She went home very sad but in a moment she saw poor people. Emma was very generous and gave all the money that she won to the poor people.
She walked in the street, Brad Pit and Taylor Swift looked at Emma and they though how poor Emma was. They adopted Emma, she lived with them and she went to a private school.

By Catalina Guasch Salomón

One  day a child called Paul Rocky Mour was at the school entrance and some children asked Paul : -« Do you go to school ? »

–         « What is that ? » asked Paul

–         « Ask your father »  the boys answered ugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At night Paul asked his father : « what is school?. « It is a place where you study and learn » his father answered .

The following day he went to the school entrance and Paul Rocky Mour said to the children who had bothered him.

-« I don´t have money.  We were rich and we used to donate the money to Betharran but then  I had  a problem so I Couldn´t go to school ».

-« Okay, okay it is true!! ». So all the people of the village got money to pay the school to Paul Rocky Mour. 


By:Lautaro Barros

   One day , Juan was going to Mendoza with his sister . One day , Juan said that he wanted to go to the mountains . And his sister , Elma , said that she wanted to go with him . They liked going to the mountains but his sister was fat and this was a problem .

  They were going to the mountains and Juan stopped on a rock , he fell down , and he rolled down the mountain where another rock stopped him , and Elena ran to help Juan . She helped him to stand up ,and she called an ambulance because he had the two arms broken and many cuts . The doctor put a plaster in the two hands , and he put one bandage in each cut .

  Finally , the ambulance took him home and his father told them to be more careful the next time they go to the mountains

  By : Matías Solodujo

There was a downboy walking in the street and nobody wanted to be with him. He had parents called Marie and John.
He was in the street and one day a man took the boy to his house to give him food because he was poor and didn’t have money.
Then the boy started to shout and to cry and all the people could hear him.
One day he escaped to the street and his parents found him.
The boy behaved very well, he didn’t shout any more and they lived very happily.

By: Ian Dorrego 5ºb

There was a girl. Her name was Clowi. She had a mother a father and a sister. One day Clowi asked, can I go to my best friend´s house? Her mother answered “no”, but Clowi went there all the same.

The mother started to call all the friends but she didn´t find her. Ten minutes later she called again, she went out but she didn´t find her. The mother decided to call the police to look for her everywhere, but the police didn´t find her any way.

Nobody was home. She continued looking around the neighborhood, but it was useless, she was very worried. She knew and she was sure that her daughter was somewhere else and Clowi didn´t pay attention to what her mother had said.

Clowi´s mother called the police again Clowi´s best friend phoned her mother and rapidly she told her the secret: Clowi was there without permission. Her mother was very angry and promised Clowi that she would not go away any more.

Clowi´s mother said that she had said no because she had to do a lot of homework because she sometimes gets low marks and her father was angry because she didn´t pay attention to her mother .Then Clowi said to her mother and father that she would pay more attention and when her mother and father said no she would just accept it.

By: Micaela Causarano.

5th Form – Helping Hands

This blog is the work in progress of 5th Form's Students who are working on a solidarity project.
Newland School, Adrogué Argentina

225 Litres Collected!!!

What are we doing @ the Computer Lab?

  • Last class we learnt how to do a SlideShow (a video with photos). By Nico 8 years ago
  • The last class we cooked for the children of Betharran.By Lucho 8 years ago
  • The last class we entered in the helping hands blog and we modified the calendar.By Julian 8 years ago
  • The last class we finished the solidarity Catita 8 years ago
  • Last class we started thinking ideas to write in our solidarity posters. By Ivan 8 years ago